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Belinda's professional career took off as the cover-version of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Key III feat. Belinda Key was released in 1990 and landed in the UK Dance Charts.

While simultaneously working on her own song material and singing in a variety of soul/funk & jazz bands, she was hired by many studios for various music projects like Radio Station ID Jingles, Commercials, CD and TV/Film Productions, incl. Disney's Mulan, Disney's TV Series "Hercules", Disney's Toy Story II, Pokémon II, Xena TV-Series (Universal), PB & J. Otter, Disney's Geppetto, Disney's Madeline, Disney's Pepper Ann, HBO's Cathouse-Series, MTV NEA Awards and more.

Belinda became a saught after studio & live vocalist throughout Europe, and has performed & shared the stage with many named artists, including Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Chaka Khan, James Belushi, Chris DeBurgh, The Weather Girls, Santana, Melissa Ethridge, Boney M., Hot Chocolate, Shirley Bassey, Bonny Tyler, Jolly Kunjappu, Phil Carmen, and has been touring all over Europe, playing in Night Clubs, Cafes, Piano Bars, at Openair-Festivals, as well as live appearances on various European TV-Shows. Recently, Belinda had the pleasure to work with the great Natalie Cole.


Belinda's outgoing personality and intense soulful performances have captivated audiences all over Europe. Through her distinct dynamic & passionate vocal style and unbelievable range she has earned a reputation for her ability to use her vocal skills on a diverse range of materials.

"People always tend to put one in a specific box, based on what they believe soul should sound like, but soul is whatever surfaces out of the deepest and most honest emotions and transformed into your vocal expressions. After many years of hard work, she has finally come to release her own CD "My Wish For The World".


Belinda's musical style evolves from her diverse musical background, blending soul, funk, jazz & pop elements into her songs. Her ability to capture uplifting, powerful emotions with her soulful melodies and heartfelt, playful lyrics, spicing them up with her typical background vocal arrangements, shows her talent as an intuitive and truly unique songwriter. Belinda has also written lyrics for other artists over the years, such as "Mystic Karma" (Sony Music), and has licensed some songs to various Commercials & TV-Film Projects, incl. "Ecstasy" for the HBO's Cathouse Series.

"To me the Art of Songwriting is being true to oneself without giving in to any fashionable music directions or limitations, creating positive music with substance that will inspire, move, touch people emotionally & spiritually. Good music is timeless! I believe through music we can raise awareness and spread positivity around the world!"


Born in Los Angeles, CA to a Danish mother and a Swiss father, Belinda was magically attracted to music at a very young age, and spent most of her time singing to whatever music that was playing in the house. It was very clear that she was born to sing! Growing up in a musical family, she began to play the classical piano at the tender age of 5, and later on with 9 years, she learned to play the flute, which she enjoyed playing in different orchestras for years. In the meantime, Belinda's family moved to Switzerland. Eventhough she taught herself to play guitar with 15, her passion for singing was so strong, that both piano and guitar were of secondary importance to her and they were only used to accompany her voice. It was then, when she began to compose her first songs.


As a lot of work was coming from Germany, Belinda decided to move to Munich in 1993, where she teamed up with the very talented musician & producer Andrew Spence, which quickly formed into a great songwriting team. As life (plays) they later on got married and now have 3 fabulous children. She continued to perform all over Europe during these years untill they moved to Los Angeles in 2003, where Andrew now works and produces in his own music studio. Belinda's career changed gradually, after this big life-changing event, as she was concentrating on raising her family. Allthough currently not performing live, Belinda is still actively involved in studiowork, songwriting and runs their own Music Publishing Co./Label with Online-Shop, as well as coaching and managing her children, who are now also showing signs of stepping into their parents' footsteps.

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